Cabling Solutions

Tech 2 It can provide your business with a complete low-voltage infrastructure for all your telecommunications needs.  From telephone systems to computer networking, we install and maintain the wiring and accessories that keeps your business connected!

Telephone Cabling

Our experienced technicians can install a fully integrated telecommunications system for any sized business.  From standard phone systems to VoIP services, and from the reception area to conference rooms, Tech 2 It offers complete solutions for your entire facility!

WAN/LAN Cabling

Your business demands the latest in structured cabling.  Tech 2 It will set up a network specifically tailored to your needs!  With our low-voltage cabling installed by our certified professionals, you will have the plug-and-play capability you need to fully customize your workspace without sacrificing network speed.


With many options available, we offer solutions for almost any budget.  With the older Cat 5 cabling becoming superseded by newer technologies, Tech 2 It can upgrade your existing infrastructure or we can build your network from the ground up.


Categories        Maximum Bandwidth
Cat 5   100 MHz
Cat 5e   100 MHz
Cat 6   250 MHz
Cat 6a   500 MHz

Note:  Beginning with Cat 5e, crosstalk (electromagnetic interference) becomes much more reduced due to improvements in specifications.

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