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Since 2004, Tech 2 It has specialized in assisting small and medium-size businesses and residential customers with their onsite IT needs.  Tech 2 It is known for our outstanding computer repair, server administration, server installation, network development/support, cabling solutions, project management and web development.


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Tech 2 It is now fully staffed to deal with a wide variety of web solutions from basic advertising web sites to fully interactive and dynamic web solutions. Tech 2 It is ready to provide the solution to your internet advertising and interactive design needs.


Tech 2 It has teamed up with Gillware!

Gillware is a fully managed backup/recovery and archive solution with integrated, warm offsite Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities. This solution monitors changes on the block level and securely transfers those changes encrypted and compressed. Gillware allows us to offer a service that will keep your files backed-up at remote locations, so even if your server or PC is damaged physically or even destroyed, your files are safely backed-up. For more information about Gillware, contact Tech 2 It.

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